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Spock for Search

Spock describes themselves as a personal search company that’s in super stealth mode. The startup won’t talk about what it’s doing, but they’re not so stealthy that they don’t reveal on their web site that they are incubated and funded by Clearstone Venture Partners.

This must be Clearstone’s next big consumer Internet push, after finding success from funding companies like PayPal and Overture. The site also says they’re looking to hire a few positions: “Information Retrieval Engineer” and “Hands-On VP/Director Marketing.” I chatted a bit with Spock CEO Jaideep Singh at a dinner last night and he said the company is going to talk more in the near future. I guess stealth is the new black, again! O.K., we’ll wait, but this better be good or as logical as the wily Vulcan! (If you know more about Spock, let us know.)

6 Responses to “Spock for Search”

  1. iamcrap

    Bad branding. I mean if we were all Vulcans would we need machines to process all this illogical “personal search” data?

    I guess was taken . . .

  2. Cary Stronach

    For a look for something really new in search check out inkyanswers. It’s going to be getting significant buzz in the short term.