Sony UX90 with 16 GB flash drive: $2,625

Sony_ux90GeekStuff4U is now taking pre-orders for the flash drive version of the Sony UX although there’s no shipping date just yet. The base Sony VGN-UX90PS with a flash-based storage system in lieu of a standard hard drive starts at $2,154 but is lacking in some specs since besides the basics, it includes:

  • 1.06 GHz Celeron M
  • Linux as opposed to a Windows XP setup

I added Windows XP Pro and a 1.2 GHz Core Solo U1400 CPU to the spec and that bumped the price up to whopping $2,625, which is bit much. Although you’re getting better battery life and faster "disk" throughput with the flash drive, you’re also giving up a good chunk of storage capacity since Windows XP alone will take roughly half of your available storage. Sony, the idea is great and I’m sure we’ll see the price drop along with a storage increase, but….where’s the Tablet PC Edition?

(via Akihabara News)



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