SanDisk Extreme IV CF cards: extremely fast


Sandisk_cf How fast are the new SanDisk Extreme IV Compact Flash cards? SanDisk says the new card delivers minimum read & write times of 40 MBps, which is plenty zippy for just about anything you need to do, whether it’s file transfers or streaming video. You can take advantage of these super speedy storage cards in high capacity too: SanDisk offers them in 2 GB, 4 GB and 8 GB flavors; all of which are available this month.

You’ll pay a premium for the speed and capacity as suggested prices range from $159.99, $319.99, and $639.99 respectively. SanDisk is also offering bundle packs that include a SanDisk Extreme Firewire reader; expect to pay an additional $70 or so for the bundle pack with a reader.


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