Motorola Q: $349 full price, but only $158 to make


This is interesting as you have to wonder who gets what piece of the mobile pie. Business Week reports that iSuppli analysts determined the cost to build a Motorola Q is $158. Verizon will subsidize the phone for new contract customers so that you only pay $199 and at full price, the Q will set you back $349. I’m just wondering: what exactly is Verizon subsidizing; their profit? ;) If you’re curious what some of the components cost, this is a great read. The LCD for example is only $25, which is surprisingly low to me; likely the low cost is the lack of touchscreen capabilities.

(via Mobile Gadget News)




Well, the $158 seems to be the cost of the hardware components. It does not, however, include other costs such as the Windows Mobile license. It doesn’t make sense to me to not include them in the cost of the device, unless Business Week somehow thinks that Motorola is pirating the software ;-)

Josh Bancroft

Actually, full price on the Moto Q from Verizon is $419, which is what they insisted on charging me, a customer eight months into a contract, paying over $100/month, and ready to extend my contract by two years.

No discounts for you, or me! :-)

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