Samsung starts 8Gb NAND memory production


Samsung_nandSamsung announced via a press release that their next generation production of flash NAND memory kicks off today. By reducing the production process from 80-nanometer to 60-nanometer, Samsung reduces the chipsize or can fit more storage capacity in chips of current size. The intention for these 8 Gigabit (not Gigabyte) chips is for handheld and mobile phone applications. Samsung indicates that by combing two memory stacks, each containing four of these flash memory chips vertically, they can provide 8 GB of storage capacity in a PDA or mobile phone. This allows for approximate storage of 2,000 MP3 files or over 3.5 hours of DVD-quality video on your mobile device. No word on pricing but the product should be seen in the third quarter of this year….just in time for the expected 8 GB iPod nano….interesting….

(via Akihabara News)


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