Props: Pronet Advertising

It’s very rare that I make posts here that pertain the inner-workings of TAB, but I feel I should right now.

Running a website can be a complicated beast with the mixture having quality content and actually trying to get people to the site to read that content.

One thing that has helped bring in more people to read more content are some friends of our at Pronet Advertising. They did all the search engine optimization for The Apple Blog to help bring in more search engine results and also help readership.

I know for a fact that quite a lot of you have your own websites. So be sure to give the Pronet Advertising blog a visit. There are tons of great tips on marketing and search engine optimization.

For the RSS feed inclined, you can subscribe to their feed here.

And so this post atleast has SOMETHING to do with Apple, they’ve got a great post that analyzing one of Apple’s website pages and it’s ability to convert: Converting everybody, anybody, and all those in-between.


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