Nokia’s Efforts And Aspirations


Here’s an interesting article about Nokia and its plans (to dominate the market for smartphones), after the writer sat in on a summit for Nokia’s global developer program, known as Forum Nokia. Interesting move on Nokia’s S60 browser and its use of AJAX, and Nokia’s decision to make the platform open source in the hopes this will allow it to be quickly and easily ported to other platforms.
“There are certain advantages for developers as well who have turned to the S60. Developers of mobile content say that it allows them to create content for a wide variety of handsets at a reduced cost. Kansas City, Mo.-based Handmark, which aggregates content and develops and publishes wireless content, says that it ordinarily has to do more than 17 “builds” to support 20 different phones. Those are costly and time consuming. However, by using the S60 platform, it can do six “builds” to support 50 phones. That means quicker time to market and lower cost.”

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