GoogleFi Mapped


GoogleFi all mapped out! Niall alerted us to this map of Google’s Mountain View access points. Click on the link for interactive map complete with coverage holes, bound to make those unlucky residents mighty unhappy.


Kimo Crossman

Google openly admits its an outdoor network which has some indoor coverage. Where do most people use their internet? Indoors.

They are still trying to figure out how to provide reliable indoor coverage – in particular for tall buildings or apartments that don’t have windows facing a transmitter or are above the 2nd floor.

Luckly in Mtn View that is not as common as other cities.

Katie Fehrenbacher

True. I mentioned that in my last post. Mountain View residents with no GoogleFi coverage, will likely be able to work something out with Google. Residents just need to be proactive on that front.

mountain view resident

Katie, because you have been following this story for a while and attending the community information sessions, I am sure you are aware that those coverage holes exist because the city does not own street lights in those locations. You probably also know that if you live in one of these zones you can volunteer to host a WiFi node on your roof.


Just my luck, I’m sittin’ dead-red in the middle of the biggest dead spot on the map. No Wi-Fi at home, no cell coverage at work, WTF?

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