Financials are Truth


Listen, people rant and speculate about the workings of Cupertino until their blue. When all is said and done, none of that matters without Apple having a healthy balance sheet. Today, Apple announced some very interesting numbers in their Q3 report.

Macs are the highest selling computer on the market in Q3. Period. They sold 12% more than last year. 12% doesn’t mean anything until you know what 12% means in a real number. So Q3-2005 Apple shipped 1,182,000 Macs. Last year, Q3 marked the highest recorded earnings in Apple history. So while 12% isn’t a big number, put in perspective over a year it is (That’s 145k more systems). Oh, and this is the second highest quarter bested only by the previous year. My suspicion is that we’ll revisit this writing in a year and see what effects 10.5 has, Pro apps and more Universalness, and a complete Intel lineup.

And yada yada yada about the iPod and the Stores. We know they are doing good. The trifecta is the Mac, but if you’re still interested in the rest there are several news reports abound. If you’re a serious investor, I wouldn’t rely on them. Get the real filing here.

So to the people at Apple, good job. Keep the ESPP going, and for you non-stock-owning-apple-fans carpe diem!


wilson britman

“Macs are the highest selling computer on the market in Q3. Period.”

What? Not by any stretch of the imagination are Macs the “highest selling” computers. Did you mean to say their growth is accelerating the fastest? That may be true (I don’t know), but in any case, you should back it up with a reference.

You’re a horrible writer.


Don’t even talk to me about buying Apple stock. Back several years ago my stepdad had $10,000 he wanted to invest and he asked me for a suggestion. I said Apple. This was when the stock was priced around $18 to $20 per share and before the two stock splits. That would mean that as of today we would have around $108,000 worth of Apple stock and don’t forget about all the dividends paid out since then. What happened to the money? About 75% of it is still sitting in a 401k account that is currently earning 0% percent interest. The missing 25% has gone into a car that hasn’t run in 40 or more years and probably won’t run for another 5 to 10 years at the rate the restoration is going.

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