Exmocare: the Bluetooth biosensor watch

ExmoverewatchHere’s a great use for the under-appreciated Bluetooth connection: the Exmocare. Produced by Exmovere, this "wristwatch" greatly assists with health monitoring for the elderly by transmitting real-time vital statistics from the wearer. Monitored statistics include:

  • Pulse
  • Variations in heart rate
  • Skin conductance
  • Activity level via an accelerometer

The best part of the watch is the various connectivity options thanks to the Bluetooth radio. If within 30-feet of a Bluetooth enabled computer, the watch will transmit directly. Beyond that, the watch will connect to a Smartphone with Bluetooth and use the phone to relay data back to a monitoring computer. There’s even software for a car-kit that includes GPS, allowing folks to be on the go, yet still have a monitoring service with vitals even available via the Internet.


The Exmocare biosensor watch is only available via a subscription for vital statistic monitoring. Prices range from $89 to $149 a month for the service and watch, depending on the length of the contract.