CinemaNow Launches Download-To-Own-Watch-On-DVD Service; CEO Audio Interview

So even though Movielink had a pre-emptive announcement Monday about their software deal, pending a deal with studios, the independent online movie service CinemaNow has jumped out ahead and launched a beta service that offers movies to be downloaded (to own), burn onto a DVD and play on a normal DVD player (not just on PC, as an earlier iteration of this service was when launched by Movielink and CinemaNow earlier this year).
The service has launched with about 100 movies, from Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Lionsgate, MGM Worldwide Digital Media, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Universal Studios Home Entertainment, EagleVision and Sundance Channel. Still missing are the three big studios: Warner, Paramount and Fox.
Details: Users are allowed only one burn onto a DVD, and for a typical movie download in broadband, it will take about two hours to download and then burn onto a DVD. Prices vary and start at $8.99 (goes up to $14.99) and include printable DVD label and cover art. The company is using technology from German firm FluxDVD to power/secure this service.
I spoke to CinemaNow CEO Curt Marvis at length earlier today, on the new service, the underlying issues in online sell-through and DVD burn market, the new big-money funding for the company, plans on the mobile side, and other issues. And, unfortunately my iPod, on which I recorded the interview, is giving me some trouble, so will upload the audio later. I managed to get the audio to work, but then there’s an irritating background noise because of the bad phone line..the interview’s a good one, so I would recommend trying to listen anyway, though only through computer speakers, not on an iPod/MP3 player. This has been fixed now…thanks Emile for doing this.
mp3logo1.gif You can download the audio of the interview here (9.4 MB, 23 mins).
Or you can stream it here … click on the arrow: [audio:]
WSJ: The story says executives at Movielink are upset that the studios participating in CinemaNow’s service, many of which are part owners of Movielink, didn’t cut a similar deal with Movielink first. Within the next few weeks, CinemaNow says it will have a technology that allows consumers to watch the movie on their computers as it burns onto disc, within minutes of paying for it, but as of now they must wait for the burn to complete before watching it.
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