Q1 owners: did you find the “hidden” Ctrl-Alt-Del button?

Q1_hardware_button_top_1I’ve meant to mention this for some time, but it kept slipping my mind; even though I’m far from 50 like the father of the Tabletscape, I do have occasional memory leaks. ;) For some Samsung Q1 owners this will be old news, but I’m hoping some others will gain some value. I’ve found myself needing to get into the Windows XP Task Manager from time to time, but if I don’t have my external keyboard, it can be a challenge. Here are a few of the basic options to gain access to the Task Manager on most slate Tablet PCs including the Samsung Q1…

  • Attach a keyboard and press Ctrl-Alt-Del.
  • If the Start menu is accessible, tap and hold it. One of your options is "Task Manager".
  • Using the TIP On-Screen keyboard, tap Ctrl, then Alt then Del. This isn’t working for me but may be due to the TouchKit enhancements.

When all else fails on a Q1 and these methods don’t work for you, look for the tiny little hardware button on the top of the Q1, just next to the power slider. On the side of the power button used for AVSNow, there is a small hole with a button; using your stylus, press this button to immediately get to the Task Manager on your Q1.


Although this feature is documented in the manual, it’s safe bet that this "pinhole" button is oft overlooked.


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