Outlook 2007 and still no Project Center


Project management is a lot easier if you are able to associate all email, appointments, contacts, tasks, and documents with a given project.  You can assign categories in Outlook but there is no central dashboard for displaying all the information about a given project on one screen.  Entourage for the Mac has the Project Center which does that very thing and provides you with a "project central" dashboard that shows all your of project-related information on one screen.  A feature just as powerful as the dashboard you can easily archive a given project, thus creating a backup of all information pertaining to that project.  I was hoping Microsoft would put something similar into Outlook 2007 since they are the producers of Entourage, after all.  Maybe they should have included some of the Mac developers on the Office 2007 team.





Scott, that could be although the Project Central in Entourage is not a real Gantt chart-producing app, it’s more of a central view for all information pertaining to a given project.


Just a guess, but maybe this has something to do with the fact that there is a separate Microsoft project management application for Windows, but none for the Mac.

Dan Carter


I couldn’t agree more! Funny, we can do a lot more with Pocket Informant and Agenda Fusion on our PPCs than we can with Outlook. I think MS is overly obsessed with email as a project management tool.

I’m also dissappointed to see no improvement in Notes again in 2007.

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kevin jeynes


Have you tried business contact manager for outlook 2007 that might get you closer to what you want, seems to be working fine for me.


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