“HD” widescreen webcam from Logitech


Logitech_quickcam_ultraSome folks will never learn. Logitech’s new QuickCam Ultra Vision is being touted by many headlines as an "HD" webcam mainly due to Logitech’s press release for the new camera. Logitech says the new camera "features a premium 1.3 megapixel sensor and supports the High-Definition (HD) video format, allowing people to create video clips and watch them in a wide-screen format. "

My current Logitech webcam also sports a 1.3 megapixel sensor, but I’d hardly rate the picture as "high definition". This new $129.99 camera does have a feature that is relatively unique, and that’s the widescreen format, although I see very few cases to use it. To be fair, Logitech did increase the amount of light the camera can capture and they did favor partial glass optics; both of these feature should dramatically increase the picture quality. High-definition video though? If that were the case, I’d stop lusting after the Sony HCR-HC3 high-def video camera which costs about twelve times the price of the Logitech. It would be one heck of a massive webcam, no?


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