Firefox 2 Beta


Mozilla has released a beta of Firefox 2, and here I am writing this post from it. Some of the features include phishing protection, inline spell checking, Javascript 1.7 support, and some very fast rendering we’ve come to love Firefox for. Download and play with it here if you’re feeling adventurous.



lol, well i’m going to just let you guys test all the bugs out then i’ll get the full version =)


Yeah its even faster then 1.5. I like the new spell checker, it pretty cool.

Kerry Sanders

I am using Firefox Beta 2 on my Power Mac at home with no problems. Ever since I installed it on my Dell laptop, however, I have had issues with it not wanting to open a lot of the time. I have to open the Task Manager, kill the firefox.exe process and hope that it opens the next time.


It seems faster, which is nice. I’m finding a few things that are annoying, including the fact that the Find capability has lost the Find Previous/Find Next/etc buttons.

Chris J

Yesssssssss!!!!!!! firefox is the best browser by far in my opinion

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