Audible Could Be Takeover Target: Analyst


Audible’s stock price rose nearly 7 percent Monday after a note from ThinkEquity Partners analyst Darren Aftahi suggesting the digitial audio company as a takeover candidate for the likes of Apple or Real networks. Aftahi: “We believe that Apple makes sense, given its exclusive relationship with Audible. However, since Apple is more focused on selling hardware than content, RealNetworks is a more strategic fit.” Audible (ADBL) closed Monday at $8.17 and has been trading in that range today. Its market cap is about $200 million. (via DealBook)
Not sure about the viability of a takeover but it’s an intriguing idea as Audible could fit in well with either company. The subscription model fits in best with RealNetworks but it currently has an exclusive relationship with Apple’s iTunes.

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