We should see the iPod killer Zune

ZuneArs Technica shares additional details on Zune, the proported iPod-killer from Microsoft. Although some people celebrate Christmas in July, we’ll likely have to wait until the holiday season to see Zune; rumor has the price pegged around $399 for a device with a 30 GB drive. While that sounds a little pricey, Microsoft might be doing something right here as Ars indicates the Zune will run Windows Mobile on a 400 MHz mobile processor. WinMobile-haters might balk at this, but us WinMobile playa’s know that the mobile OS is almost to the point of stability for a handheld device. Certainly it can handle digital media and synchronization, right? The impact of Windows Mobile in the Zune could be large provided Microsoft doesn’t try to make this device the Swiss Army knife of mobile handhelds. If they focus on the core functionality of connectivity, digital content purchase and playback while keeping the door open to some other advanced functions we could "Zune" see the end of iPod dominance.



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