Nintendo DS Browser available for pre-order

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Ds_browserThe long awaited browser for the Nintendo DS is available for pre-order according to Akihabara News with a delivery date of July 24.  The browser is based on Opera and is an interesting implementation given the dual screens of the Nintendo DS.  The Nintendo DS Browser (catchy name) uses the bottom screen to display full web pages and the top screen to show zoomed content.  You will also be able to use both screens to form one tall page for ultimate web page display.


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Just placed my order and will send along a brief review and some pics when (if?) it arrives next week.

If my understanding is correct. The Japanese DS (at least the original, non-Lite version) is exactly the same machine as was released in the US. On mine their is an option for changing the interface language to any of several different languages… I guess the same English / Spanish / Japanese / French option exists on US machines.

If so then this plug-in should work just as well in the US as here.

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