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Netscape Has Attention, If Nothing Else

Netscape has gotten mixed reviews for its recent Digg-style remake. The New York Times adds a story this morning about a petition from Netscape users to bring back the old site. We did a quick check and got traffic data update from Hitwise.

Hitwise says the Netscape site has seen a 17% increase from the week ending June 24 to the week ending July 15th. Given, that might largely come from the site’s recent media attention, but, hey, at least they’re getting attention, which is more than the Netscape brand had before.

We’ll check back on the data in a few weeks and see if the site is still growing. What do you think of Netscape’s new site?

22 Responses to “Netscape Has Attention, If Nothing Else”

  1. Probably getting a lot of hits simply because it takes so many clicks to open your mail now. Page freezes, or the new aol mail does not load properly.It times out on a regular basis as well. And, I have more security dialog boxes than the Pentagon.

    By the way, anyone know what this means?

    BLT #221204: Start the pages out in a dirty state so that if phantom iframe
    // calls are made after a refresh/reload, the page will still get reinitialized
    // like it should when clicking on the tab.

    Just curious.

    If I wanted aol mail, I would have signed up a long time ago. But I have had nothing but trouble since the change took place. So my guess is that the hit increase reflects the fact that they have mega glitches that have not been ironed out, and users are trying to access the damn page theyt want…like their mail?? Which used to be an easy thing.

    Still, it irks to me think that I now have aol related mail. I do not trust aol…period.

  2. See the real problem with the new netscape is that people can vote for the news.

    Why this is a problem; All the news items at the top of the list are about TOm Cruses’ baby, or Star Leaving the Veiw.

    Voteing for world news is dumb.

    Netscape is gone from my pc now, nothing left except a bookmark at the bottem of the list.

  3. Jeff Anthony

    The new Netscape news is terrible. Picking tech news and info by democracy like Digg does is one thing, but picking and choosing the world news? That’s too frightening to even think about. People already turn a deaf ear to what they don’t want to hear, now they can just make it all go away. I have faithfully used Netscape for my news for years, but no more. I’d rather have to choke down news that I don’t want to face that is at least trying to represent a worldview of the truth rather than slurp down a gruel of my own making.

    Also, most of the comments on the news are uninformed and immature. What would be a cool idea would be to take a group of pundits/reporters/authors/commentators etc. and let them not only comment on the major news stories, but comment on each other’s comments as well.

  4. I’d venture that the entire legacy of Netscape is how to screw up a brand.

    1– Get bought by AOL.

    2– Cannibalize the browser.

    3– Start an ISP based on the Netscape brand.

    4– Threaten to turn the homepage into some sort of whack flash portal.

    5– Actually leave it as a portal, but start selling all sorts of advertorial.

    6– Profit??

  5. Traffic isn’t always equal to happy users and this is certainly true of Netscape.

    They first released a poorly done clone of Digg with a bunch of annoying ads stuffed everywhere (they even had an ad section between the comments!) Of course this resulted in a ton of traffic from Digg users, Slashdot (pretty much all of which hated the new Netscape site) and such then some mainstream media started covering it driving more traffic.

    Then, they quickly pushed their crappy Digg clone to be the new Netscape homepage. This resulted in a huge traffic boost too–but mostly just from the old Netscape portal users who seemed to all hate the Digg-clone Netscape.

    The new Netscape site is nothing but a lesson in how to screw up a brand.

  6. i think its great to see how the disliking users act and what they think when you go and read those threads where they complain:

    most think the site is part of the browser, say that they love netscapes mail (which will be gone soon, i heard); they announce to switch their browser …
    this shows that most people dont even know that you can edit what your startpage is, no matter which software you use.
    it obvious that those are probably aol users are used to run in walled gardens that have software and content tied together as one.
    no wonder those cant imagine and probably wont ever want a collaborative read/write experience. its the leanback television feel to the medium they bring to the web as well. which is not a problem in itself. but would youve thought that an ability to vote on news would kill them so much? the content in fact is about the same relevance level than before, no? id love to see a comparision between whats news on netscape and whats news on where are you potentially missing more interesting content?

  7. I have used Netscape for many years and I have always liked it, so I just kind of stuck with it. Now I only use it for my mail. If I wanted a Digg type site I would go to, duh. Unfortunatley Netscape seems pretty set in their new way and refuses to admit that the change may not have been as wonderful as they say it is. If the traffic on Netscape is really up it is probably because of people searching for the old site and accidentally going back to the new crap.

  8. more in the know

    ‘In the know’ has its data wrong. MM #s look ok out of the gate (flat to up in terms of pages views, uniqes down a bit, but so is the whole category due to seasonality). Not bad for a format change. Time will tell. Om, you to add a “Submit To Netscape” button!

    javascript:(function(){var u=escape(window.location);var t=escape(document.title); var c = ”;if (window.getSelection){c = window.getSelection();}else if (document.getSelection){c = document.getSelection();}else if (document.selection){c = document.selection.createRange().text;} window.location=’’ u ‘&T=’ t ‘&C=’ c;})()
    Submit To Netscape

  9. I think that the Netscape site completely sucks. It’s layout is confusing, the commentary laughable and while I can appreciate that they are trying to innovate by copying Digg, it lacks all originality. I give as much chance as the Ebay backed that launched to great hype and then has dropped off the face of the earth.

    If I’m going to use a competitor to Digg, I’ll stick with Newsvine. The commentary is much better thought out, then what diggers provide and the layout looks more like a traditional newspaper instead of the pure caos on the Netscape site.

  10. I’m not sure how reliable your data is. The truth is that Netscape traffic has fallen almost 50% since launch (both page views and unique visitors). It may be that with the new URL structure all of the traffic is being seen to hit the portal top, rather than the content channels. Wait until the Media Metrix reports come out in August. You’ll see how dismall the traffic really looks.

  11. Here’s the funny thing: I started using Firefox shortly after it was released (anything to get away from IE) and liked it so much that it made me willing to try another ‘new’ browser release, Netscape. I am hooked. It includes code for both Firefox and IE, and has better tabbed browsing and passcard features, IMHO. I would seriously recommend it to anyone.

    As far their re-designed web site is concerned, i prefer several others but the previous version wasn’t in my regular surfing rounds anyway.

  12. I don’t know anyone who uses Netscape. The ‘average Netscape user’ is probably the one who ended up there because they used the browser 5 years ago. I don’t think this is necessarily a good thing.

    The users who were there were ones happy with the service and stayed. Now that things have changed they may just be as likely to move to competing service as they were likely to stay. I doubt that the hit traffic stays up over the coming months… plus its been a slow news summer.