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Deluge of Dot-Com Crash, Version 2.0 Stories

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Yes, the rash of stories promoting the he-said-she-said-bubble-or-not has begun, this time with a longish LAT story which come to no conclusion (well, they really can’t, can they?).
The figures from the likes of PwC MoneyTree survey, or in this case, Dow Jones VentureOne numbers, the usual laundry list of deals (this time social networking on one hand, and video sharing sites on another), quotes from two VCs and two skeptics, and voila, here you have it: an impending bubble story.
Few rational explanations of these bubble stories: one that journalists are overcompensating for their irrational exuberance in going along with the ride last time; second, that some of these journos were too young–and in school–during the first bubble (your truly is in that category), and now want to make their mark by not repeating the mistakes of their seniors; third, it gives them a lot of link love from bloggers, that’s for sure, something missing from the first time around. Like us (who have been the peripheral subject of an NYT blog bubble story) linking to them. Oh well…it is all too meta.
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