NewMedia SPARK Scouting For Investment Opportunities


The Kamla Bhatt Show has interview with Jay Patel, Executive Director of NewMedia SPARK, an early stage technology investment company based in London which manages assets worth $100 million. Last year, Hyderabad-based mobile content solutions company IMImobile had received series A investment of -£3.7 million from NewMedia SPARK. Recently, the company raised another round of $10 million from US-based Pequot Ventures. Patel as a VC scouts for opportunities in digital media, particularly in India but targeting US and European markets to sell their products and services.
“We are looking for companies who can make money by selling to international markets and not just in domestic markets,” says Patel. They essentially provide the early stage capital and series A funding – anywhere in the range of $1-5 million – to companies who have a significant international market component. Listen to the interview here.

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