Symbian OS upgraded to 9.3


SymbianWe don’t cover much on the Symbian side of the house, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to! We’ve grown up on Windows Mobile devices over the last several years, but thankfully, the addition of Matt to the MobileTechRoundup podcast is bringing more of a Palm and Symbian perspective. In light of that, we should mention that the Symbian OS was just upgraded to 9.3 with the following:

  • Improved memory management and general speed boosts because of that
  • Native support for WiFi
  • Support for firmware OTA (FOTA), HSDPA, IPSec for UMA and push-to-talk over cellular (PoC)
  • There seems to be some real strides towards additional 3G and other voice/data support, which is fine by us. I’m sure we have plenty of Symbian device owners out there: do you prefer it over Palm and Windows Mobile, and if so, why?




    #1 – Symbian
    #2 – Palm
    #3 – WM

    Ive had a Symbian based phone for 6 years, and before that I used the Psion Series 5 and Revo since 1996. Palm is great for some things, but as remarked above, is not a true multitasker like the Symbian platform. I currently have a Nokia 9500 (Series 80 – looks like a mini-laptop) and regularly have 10+ apps running, including email (BlackBerry, POP and IMAP), web browser, MP3 player, documents (Word, Excel, etc..) and other things. I can easily surf the web, listen to music, download email (in the background) and whatever else I want to without the music skipping or losing data. The Symbian platform is very stable (unlike my experiences with WM) and I have ZERO worries about losing the contents of my phone if it is without power for any length of time. My old 9290 was on the shelf with no power for two years and when I charged it up, everything was exactly as I left it. The battery life on these devices cannot be beat either. I regularly go 3-5 days on a single charge, but might need to charge sooner with heavy use.

    If you’ve never tried a Symbian based device, take a good look at the Nokia E61 (which does have alot of 3rd party apps BTW) and the Nokia 9300i.



    Why don’t you make a phone with the same look of Nokia 9300i based on Symbian 9.3 with phone key pad in the top and qwerty keyboard inside with WiFi support beside UMTS?:)

    Simon Coulthurst

    Currently use a Symbian OS device, a Nokia E61 (series 60 v3 device). Have previously used all manner of Palm and Win Mob devices.

    Am very impressed with the Nokia. Wasn’t sure how I would get along without a touch-screen pen operated device, but the OS is so well designed that I really don’t miss the pen. Indeed in many ways, with the built in QWERTY thumboard, it is a lot easier and quicker in use as I don’t have to keep reaching for and then replacing the stylus.

    Would still prefer a bit more power from the PIM apps, much as I did with Palm and Win Mob, yet there is no third party software available yet. AquaCalendar is in beta testing.

    If you have never tried a Symbian device before, you may be pleasantly surprised. I was!

    Tablet PC User

    Here are my choices (best to worst):

    #1- Windows Mobile – Has everything including the “kitchen sink”. I don’t know what Tai is talking about having it as his everyday phone when JK, KCT and many others have WM5/2003(SE) cellphones…

    #2- Palm – My wife has a Treo 650 GSM (she would have the 700p but as I said before Sprint/Verizon sucks where I’m at). Brilliant interface and very simple/intuitive design. Not very good for customizing or power users. 2006 and still no built-in wifi?!?!? Meh..

    #3- Symbian – I had a few nokia phones but not the real power-house kinds so I can’t comment on how Symbian works.


    I have been using Symbian devices for about 3 years now and this is really a neat overlooked platform here in the US. I also have an ipaq Windows Mobile 5 device and I must say that I would NEVER have this OS as my everyday phone, it crashes daily. My 6682 has decent email,office document, web and PIM functions but best of all it has great phone reception and phone functionality. Its a phone first and then a smartphone second, and can be operated completely one handed. More of the Windows Mobile crowd should look into these phones as a secondary (or primary) device especially with the introduction of the N-series multimedia phones and the business E-series.
    Nokia is offering the best connectivity and multimedia functions of any major manufacturer out there and I have a feeling this will be noticed soon enough.


    In terms of responsiveness I rate them in order as Palm > Symbian > WM.

    Symbian and WM are really the only ones supporting true multitasking, though certain apps on Palm OS pull that off very well too (Chatter Email is the best example IMO).

    The latest E series Nokia smartphones are their best candidates yet. I think they are at the same ease of use and great performance as Palm’s single offering (the Treo).

    A friend has the E61 (blackberry/treo looking nokia phone) and I have to say it’s very very slick. A bit too wide for me, but as a long time Treo user, I felt right at home on it.

    WM has always been a mixed bag with me. I’m not a fan of the UI (those ugly scrollbars and tabs), and I find the performance and mid and low range devices to be horribly slow: something I don’t get on a Palm device, for instance.

    But a WM device with 300Mhz+ cpu and a healthy chunk of RAM in it can be a fine device as well.

    They really do need to hire some new designers though. Their phone applications and integration have a long way to go to match Symbian and Palm’s intuitiveness and one-handed abilities.

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