Sony UMDs: Untimely Mass Destruction of the format?


PspumdWhile the UMD format might have sounded good on paper for Sony’s PSP, we might be witnessing yet another proprietary format go bye-bye. I’ve often seen the UMD movies on shelves at Target and other stores, but it sounds like we might have seen the last of the UMDs at Target. The discs, which are used for movie viewing on the portable gaming device from Sony, are apparently disappearing from the shelves and not in a good way. It’s possible that Target has just decided to drop the movie format from their stores, but my guess is that based on the store’s low prices, they sell a large chunk of the overall UMD movies sold. If you can’t get them from Target, does that mean the format is doomed or do you think it will be alive and kicking six months from now?




Its a shame because i quite liked them and at £7 a pop for the latest movie at my local game shop is very good, i tried doing the converting the DVD to divx etc, but it took far too long on my x2 4800+ processor, i converted about 5 movies and then gave up. I found the PSP a good pocketable movie device, easy to use, no faffing wih converting movies if you went the UMD Route, i think ill buy a few more if they are gonna go down in price even more b4 they stop selling if thats the case.

Anton P. Nym

Mmmm… betamax flashbacks. Yummy. (Saw this coming a long time ago; pity Sony just doesn’t seem to learn from their own past experiences on proprietary media formats. *cough*bluray*cough*)

— Steve


Now, can someone get the Sony Execs to wise up on MemoryStick?

SD, Sony, SD.

[shakes head]

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