Nokia’s Design Philosophy


An interview with the new Head of Design at Nokia, Alastair Curtis, and what is behind the Nokia design and the phone as a social media animal: How design works in practice: “With all products, it’s about the experience, not just what it looks like. This is the 8800. We looked at every element. The ring tones aren’t traditional ring tones. The ring tones were done by [musician] Ryuichi Sakamoto. This is a premium product, we wanted to give it that extra element of premium-ness by having sounds different from the traditional. We took the sound experience to another level by saying, when you open the product it should have a very distinct sound. Like certain car doors, when you open and close them, some feel good, some feel bad. We spent a huge amount of time trying to get the sound right. You can’t put it into a technical term, it just feels good. If we took all the engineers into a room and turned all the lights off, and I opened up a Zippo lighter, everybody in that room would know I opened a Zippo lighter. You want it to be an iconic sound.”

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