Mobile TV Is Heading For A Fall

One commentator thinks that proponents of mobile TV are over-promising what can be delivered, and so will disappoint early adopters keen for the technology.
“On paper, mobile TV is an operator’s dream: it makes each one of the millions of subscribers nationwide a potential premium customer every time there’s a big sporting event, a major news story or even just a spare five minutes…There’s limited evidence to show the technology is ready to offer a quality of service people are coming to expect of the next generation of mobile phones…Plus, there’s no magic solve-all chip that means these devices don’t have to abide by the laws of every other mobile on the market – battery life, drop-outs and low-screen resolutions will still be an issue.” A couple of these issues aren’t a major problem. Drop outs will affect 3G services but not broadcast networks and modern high-end mobile screens have amazing resolution, although the screen size is still pretty small. Battery life could be a big problem, and it is possible that the industry is over-promising…I think based on a belief that current issues will be overcome soon.