WinMobile Fusion: RSS and BitTorrent in your hand


Winmobile__fusionOne of the most often looked for Windows Mobile apps I hear about are RSS readers. There’s quite a few of them available and they all work fairly well; especially in the context of a mobile device where you don’t want to be bogged down with a thick app. WinMobile Fusion from Adisasta might be the first one I’ve seen that supports both RSS and BitTorrent, however.

I like the look of the client as I see a multi-tab interface and although BitTorrent support sounds good, I’m not sure there’s that much of a mobile need for it just yet. Do we really have enough connectivity to be part of the BitTorrent swarm in order to speed up the downloads of large media files? This might be a little ahead of its time, but that doesn’t take away from what sounds like a solid product. Additional key features include Atom and OPML support as well as simple navigation and sort options.

WinMobile Fusion costs $25, but you can download a 14-day trial, which I’ll likely do in the next week or so.

(via the::unwired)


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