WiDrive wireless HD enclosure passes FCC

Wifi_ext_hdThe WiDrive was shown off at CeBIT last spring, but it looks like it’s about to spring onto the U.S. scene if you believe in the magical FCC. In case you missed it, the WiDrive is an 802.11g capable hard drive enclosure that supports 64- or 128-bit WEP. The only wire it has on it is the one for the power cord that recharges the internal battery. If you’ve got a spare 1.8- or 2.5-inch hard drive, you just pop it in the WiDrive and power the enclosure up. No WiFi access point is needed because in Ad-Hoc mode, the WiDrive acts as a DHCP server. Computers on your wireless LAN will spot the drive for access if it’s in range. Early expectations on the cost of the WiFi-enabled enclosure are around $100, plus you have to already own or purchase a drive for use. It’s reasons like this that I never throw out an old laptop without removing the drive first!



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