Virtual PC from Microsoft is actually free


With Parallels in the news so much on the Mac side, some people might have seen this coming. Microsoft has made Virtual PC available as a free download, which is a real boon to folks that are beta testing Vista, Office and the like. Head on over the Microsoft Virtual PC home page for details and links on the free Virtual PC 2004 SP 1 download, which includes support for Vista installations. This is a great way to test different Operating System versions, environmental changes or other beta software without hosing up your current setup.

(via PC Mag)



Fred Beiderbecke

I wonder if VMWare is going to make it’s workstation product free as well. I’ve used both and VPC seems the easiest to get up and running, but VMWare gives more control.

Now that OSX is running on Intels, how long until someone gets it running in a VPC?



VMware Server is now ALSO free. I might add that it seems to work better, for me then VPC2004. Check it out also. Nice thing about VMware server is it also has a web piece (if you have IIS installed).

Dave Zatz

We installed this on an office laptop yesterday. Works as advertised. My buddy put Debian (no GUI) in a window. I asked him if he could duplicate the VM without reinstalling and by copying the folder we created another instance – so it’s east to back up a pristine image for re-use later. The VM was issued another IP via DHCP which was interesting — fortunately we tested this on a jack that doesn’t have port security running, otherwise we might have locked it. We’re studying the networking more now using the software formerly known as Ethereal.

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