Sony VGN-UX180P manual is on-line


Eagle-eyed jkOTR reader Bob just passed along some nice words about our blog (thanks Bob!) and also spotted the Sony UX180P user manual on Sony’s site. There are also pages for FAQs and driver downloads, but we figure you don’t need those just yet (do you?!?) I haven’t run through the whole manual just yet, but I’m already very impressed with Sony engineering. Just look at these two pictures that show how Sony designed the wrist strap. In showing how to rotate the device (because nobody outside of Japan actually rotates devices correctly), it appears that the wrist strap automatically moves from one corner of the device to another. How DO they do that? ;)


Anyway, you know your reading list is a little light and the American Idol season is long over, so hop on over and hit the books, would ya?



Anton P. Nym

Now, if they’d engineered it so that the lanyard mount was on a slider and the position of that slider (“down” corner or “up” corner) controlled the screen rotation, maybe that’d make sense.

(However, my vote is on artist foul-up.)

— Steve

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