Photobucket plans a mobile client


PhotobucketPhotobucket, the on-line photo sharing service that is beating the pants off of Flickr and Yahoo! with 44% of the market, appears to be extending their reach with a planned mobile client. They currently offer photo uploads from camera phones, but GigaOm has news of a Photobucket mobile beta client in the works. No details yet on what mobile platforms the client will run on or what additional features it will add, but a mobile strategy like this will likely help continue the domination. If you’re not yet aware of Photobucket, give it a look-see as you can also upload short videos (a la YouTube), create slideshows and the product also integrates with the Flock browser.

James has previously written about a similar moblogging application called SplashBlog that’s free for up to 500 photos, so if you can’t wait for the Photobucket client, you might want to check out SplashBlog.


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