Hugo can restore a UMPC in 20 minutes, can you?


Eo_restoreGood news for fans of the TabletKiosk eo UMPC: the system restore appears to use a single disc and can be done in about 20 minutes! Hugo Ortega did just this with his eo and shares his experiences. He mentions that he lost the touchscreen during the restore, but that makes sense and the same happens with the Samsung Q1. The touchscreen on the Q1 is handled via a USB interface within the device; without the drivers installed, you can pound away on the screen, but nothing will happen.

The Q1 restore uses three discs, but one is for the AVStation functionality that the eo doesn’t have, while the third disc is dedicated to the Samsung and third party software; it sounds like the TabletKiosk eo restore is a custom restore that already includes everything in the image. I’d estimate that my restore took about three times as long as Hugo’s did on the eo, but I like the fact that I full control over what gets restored and what doesn’t.


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