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Bubble Or Not, Here I Come, You Can’t Hide

JPMorgan’s digital media team has come out with another edition of its monthly newsletter, and an interesting powerpoint about the topic which has no clear answer: Is this Web 2.0/Digital Media thing another bubble ready to burst?
It has arguments for and against this, and the conclusion: “We live in an area and participate in an industry that is highly prone to technology and market gyrations. The opportunity created by the digitization of media dwarfs any other we have seen for some time and therefore is going to be prone to enthusiasm. While there are strong arguments on both sides here, we are certainly more disciplined/humble than we were in the last bubble. However, the nature of this Valley is to be well ahead of the curve, and given the wholesale changes the media and entertainment industry will go through over the next decade, the winners will be the ones that are patient and smart about when they enter/exit the market.”
The screenshot of the powerpoint in question is here.