Yahoo Rejects MySpace #1 Claim


Yesterday Hitwise released stats that pushed MySpace into the #1 spot in terms of market share of visits, beating out Yahoo’s mail site for the first time. Murdoch must have been thrilled, but Yahoo was more than a little PO..d.

Yahoo responded by saying the Hitwise data was misleading and not accurate to compare MySpace with just its mail domain. A reasonable point, but Hitwise was still pretty clear on what it was claiming. A lot of people are debating this. I am sure folks from Hitwise would have something to say about this… we are waiting!


Napoleon Courtney

I use Yahoo about as often as I use MySpace which isn’t much, but I can say that I’ve never received “Sorry! an unexpected error has occurred. This error has been forwarded to MySpace’s technical group.” on Yahoo, the times I’ve used Yahoo the site has always worked fine, I can’t say that about MySpace.

Matt Fausey

The metrics we’re all hearing about MySpace are, in my opinion, very inflated. If you’ve ever played with, you’ll find that it’s a very click-intensive site. You’ll notice that you’re not spending more than a few seconds on a page, and you’re click-click-clicking around until you find something of interest. All those page loads are virtually worthless to advertisers, and serve to inflate the web metrics reported on the news.

To put it another way, how much time is spent on an average page-view in Yahoo! vs. MySpace? You might find a 4-second-per-page-view average on MySpace vs. a 30-second-per-page-view avg on Yahoo! . All page views are not created equal…


The data may be transparent, which is up for argument, but is the interpretaion accurate. They also published misleading data on the search traffic that was directly being generated on Google from MySpace. I believe the way it was tracked is that it wasnt traffic just generated from the search box on my space, but mostly was dominated by people who left MySpace and went immediately to Google to search.


Hitwise is one of the least transparent measurement companies around. Time they were taken to task like the other companies were in the late nineties. Remember when spam companies used to regularly appear in the top 50 websites.

In recent times they have become more aggressive – ipo on the way perhaps. But largely shown themselves to be boneheads once they have strayed away from where they are relevant in relative measurement of the long tail. Always easy to be a waste of space when talking traffic as many have found.


How do they collect this data anyway ? IMHO collecting data by means of Toolbar or alike tool cannot be the ultimate standard. Maybe an independent org should be able to audit the logs and rank accordingly.

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