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Feedster New President, New Money

Feedster, the San Francisco blog search engine has raised a new round of funding, mostly internal and is about to announce a new president. Sources say the amount of funding is in seven figures – between $1 and $5 million.

Tyler Goldman is going to join as Feedster’s president, replacing Chris Redlitz, who has left the company. Ex-Googler Aydin Senkut, who has joined as an advisor to the company, is also one of the new investors. Goldman, in the past has worked at various content-related companies including Broadband Sports. Feedster, has also received new funding from ex-Googler Aydin Senkut.

Given Senkut’s background – he was one of Google’s key people in Asia Pacific – I bet Feedster will make a strong push to China, Japan and other high growth Internet markets in Asia.

7 Responses to “Feedster New President, New Money”

  1. China market will be tough for an outsider especially when Sequoia is rumored to have invested $20m in, founded by the ex-Yahoo China search team.