Cellular Companies Reaching Out For Hispanics

There’s some interesting facts in this article about US carriers chasing the Hispanic demographic…
–Spanish-focused MVNO Movida reportedly has 100,000 customers.
–Cingular plans to convert 400 of its stores into “Hispanic-focused locations, complete with bilingual sales staff and Spanish-language marketing materials”, after a trial of the new store system in New York, LA and Miami saw an average increase in sales of 20%.
–The average Latino cellular customer is 26, compared with 36 for Anglos, according to Mark Stockdale, director of Hispanic marketing for T-Mobile.
–“Sprint Nextel classifies more than half of its Hispanic customers as “power users,” meaning they use added features such as ring tone downloads and regularly connect to the Internet. By contrast, only 17 percent of the general population regularly uses those features.”
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