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Video Hype: Yahoo’s Lame New Show; Guba’s Sony Movies; BitTorrent’s Indies; User-Gen No Go

Time for some skewering:
Yahoo Adds Up “The 9”: Yahoo has launched a new online show, called “The 9“, which is sort of circa-1996, geez-these-nine-great-websites-only-we’ll-take-9-minutes-to-describe-these-links-by-a-pretty-girl kinda show. How retro, how broadband…
Guba’s Signs Up Sony: Just because you sign up deals with studios doesn’t mean you’re a hot property, despite what this story says. To give it credit though, it is trying a good mix of user-generated videos, plus movie/TV content. It has signed up Sony, after signing up Warner. Newer releases will cost $19.99, while older titles will start at $9.99. All the videos can be downloaded and played on Windows Media.
BitTorrent Inks Licensing Deal With Studios: BitTorrent, the commercial company, is becoming like Amp’d…touting every deal with a PR offensive, even before the service has launched. It has signed licensing deals with four independent movie studios that will allow it to sell 1,600 video titles over the Internet, following up on its deal with Warner. The titles will be for sale as part of a subscription service, which differs from the pay-per-title service that BitTorrent plans to use with Warner Bros.
Networks Cool on User-Gen Video: What else did they expect…that is why they have Current. It is the playpen of user-gen videos on TV. “None of the major TV news organizations have included citizen journalism as a major part of their newscasts. The news networks’ hesitancy to embrace content from viewers on-air has less to do with concern about video authenticity than with a desire to keep a certain level of quality and control“.