Swapsets for the mobile fashionista in your life


Swapset_1OK, we get that not all of the ladies want to look like us mobile men with the geeked out headsets. To be honest, we never said we wanted you to look like us anyway! Before we have a gender feud, be sure to check out Swapsets for that special geeky girl. Swapsets offers customized and fashionable headsets so women don’t have to look like the Borg from StarTrek when they want to place those VoIP gossip calls. Actually, that’s not fair for me to say; most of my Skype calls are gossip too.

Customizations include your choice of headband, headset or headphones, and even a dangle if you’re looking for that extra flair. If you’re not sure of your style, there’s even a list of suggestions by Steffi Thomas. Oh and guys: bookmark this post for Valentine’s Day and your anniversaries. There, now you can’t blame me if you forget a gift.

(via OhGizmo!)


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