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MySpace: Internet’s New #1

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MySpace is now the number one site in the U.S. in terms of market share of visits says research firm Hitwise. Over the past two weeks Murdoch’s social network grew in market share of visits to reach 4.46% for all Internet visits in the U.S. for the week ending July 8th. The Hitwise stat launches MySpace over Yahoo Mail for the first time. Of course that’s good news for the site’s plans to build a socially integrated media empire.

For the entire month of June, ComScore’s data still places Yahoo over MySpace in terms of visitors, but said that MySpace still grew in both page views and unique visitors. We’ll see when next month’s numbers emerge if the trend stays the same. When it comes to unique visitors, though, MySpace isn’t growing as fast as Yahoo, Time Warner Network, MSN-Microsoft, Google, or eBay–it’s ranked 6th on uniques.

11 Responses to “MySpace: Internet’s New #1”

  1. Amanzi

    Hitwise have an extremely unusual way of measuring traffic. They use the log files from a limited number of ISP’s and draw conclusions based on those numbers. In Australia they refuse to comment on the ISP’s but the three biggest who account for 60% of subscribers do not provide data to Hitwise. This means the numbers are really a reliable measure of traffic.

  2. “Ebay/craigslist like system on Myspace would really work. It would be so much easier to buy sell products to your friends or friends friend.that would change the game.”

    Who need ‘consumers’ to sell or buy stuff ?

  3. This is not surprising because MySpace is basically a huge email service with a social twist. The number of page views is directly related to the amount of mail a users inbox has. Users spend more time reading and replying to email than surfing myspace.

  4. Jacob Varghese

    To continue growing and make money on the high page-view numbers, do you think MySpace can do it alone? I’m surprised that they haven’t signed deals with other companies to integrate their services into MySpace – yahoo email, iTunes music store, google search, AIM…

    Who won the bidding war for the search spot on MySpace?