Media Firms Queue Up For U.S. Wireless Auction

As the two giants of communication companies and media conglomerates collide in a bid to grab the largest slice of the new media pie each side is eying the assets of the other. “Media conglomerates are eyeing ways to grab valuable wireless airwaves as another way to deliver profitable high-speed Internet and other services.” Hence the FCC auction of wireless spectrum is seeing some unusual partnerships forming to bid…
“In one of the biggest communications forays yet by media companies, satellite provider DirecTV Group Inc. has joined forces with rival EchoStar Communications Corp. and Liberty Media to bid on the sale as did Washington Post Co.’s Cable One Inc…A venture backed by the No. 3 wireless carrier Sprint Nextel Corp. and major cable operators, including Comcast Corp. and Time Warner Inc, as well as an entity run by Cablevision Systems Corp.’s Chairman Charles Dolan also sought to participate in the bidding.”
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