Habbo Hotel Is Going Mobile


Sulake, the Finnish company behind the popular online virtual world Habbo Hotel, said it will take €6 million euros ($7.7 million) from Japanese Movida Group to both set up a Japanese operation and to push its content onto cell phones.

Movida Group is a joint venture between Softbank BB and Asian Groove, an interactive entertainment company, and Sulake is backed by investors like Benchmark Capital, 3i, and Elisa Group. The investment is a step in the company’s plans to replicate the wild success of its online site, which has brought in an astounding 53 million registered users worldwide, to the mobile world.

Wireless domination might not be too hard, given the company already sells Habbo-themed mobile content like wallpaper, ringtones, and games. Sulake did a survey of its Habbo users and the company says 85% of respondents were interested in buying Habbo mobile content–mobile games are by far the most popular.

We have also learnt that the company is working on a mobile Internet site called “Pocket Habbo” that will launch later this summer, which will give cell phone users access to aspects of the Habbo community, including messaging, blogging, and buying and selling Habbo currency. Then in the first quarter of next year the company plans to release a mobile client that will more fully recreate the Habbo web-based experience.

Sulake can stand to make significant money off porting Habbo to cell phones. The company plans to work with handset manufacturers, to preinstall the mobile community, carriers, to boost mobile portal traffic, and other entertainment brands to distribute content wirelessly. A Habbo-themed handset could even be in order–Habbo MVNO? It’s such a good idea that combined with the success of the Internet site, a company exec said Sulake is planning an IPO at the end of next year.

One reason Habbo Hotel will likely be so successful on the mobile, is because its virtual-only animations and avatars, exclude some of the real-world problems associated with a MySpace-style social network. It’s the same thing with Cyworld, Korea’s mostly virtual world, which has also been successful on mobile.

On the other hand Verizon was rumored to have bypassed on the original MySpace mobile deal, because of privacy concerns. Conservative carriers don’t welcome a lot of those hassles, and while MySpace will likely land on the traditional carriers next year, after its exclusive contract with Helio, mobile Habbo will likely already be there.



If it works on a cellphone it’ll work on psp, psp has more ram then a cell phone anyway.


i really hope they get habbo for psp that would be so cool and easier for me becuz i use my psp alot


I’ve been on habbo since November of 05. but I don’t have a psp… :S

and I certainly am not paying for those. especially since that “Wii” thing has come out. it’s pointless. If anyone knows more about Habbo going mobile , add me on habbo usa. I’m …


talk to me! lol

Dragon2468 (NL)

Post: Habbo on psp

Install newest Flash on youré PSP
Go to internet explorer
Go to settings > Cache > None
Cookies > None
Go to habbohotel.co.uk .
Check in
It not will load
Download habbo.HOB from google ( Search for habbo.HOB )
Install on your PSP
Open it
Start internet explorer habbo.co.uk or .com
Check in!


IT’s works really .



P.S. ADD ME!!!!


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i want play habbo hotel in my PSP help me please because i have one maffia in habbo hotel and i want connect me in habbo hotel in my PSP please help me

addme if u now something about it: lfss@live.com

im know all.


I think habbo shud be on mobile phones cuz i dnt have a computer n can only get on sumtimes to talk to my m8s so hurry n get it on mobile plz :) ty x


I really love habbo, But unfortunatley my macintosh is not working with it . It wont let me sign in. So everytime i go on habbo is at my anuts house and i go there like evry 5 weeks.

           If  any of you habbos know anythink about setting it up add me as a friend                  ?!Snoopy?!             is my name.
emma xx

hey ppo.

dus anyone no how to get habbo workin coz i click on check in nd the shockwave sign cums up and ive downloaded it hunner ae times nd uninstalled it but it still isn wurkin

any help..

ryt bk


I have a psp and DS but I think putting it on a DS is a waste of time, there’s no space on it. It’s still going to be small even on a psp.


I think it should also be on the nintendo DS too,
using wifi as the connector.
Its unfair to just put it on the mobile and psp.


Well off my mobile phone i can get on too “Habbohotel.co.uk”
then Get On too enter Hotel
But then i cant type my Name in But this is a good staart.


hope they get it on psp that will be so good, thanks for the great news!!

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