FireFox making waves with more marketshare, new beta release

Firefoxlogo_1Firefox continues to storm into the browser wars as it now accounts for 15% of the browser usage in the United States; world-wide the figure is slightly lower, near almost 13%. What’s the effect on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which is just starting to get hot with version 7? Here in the United States, IE has dropped just below an 80% market share; if I recall correctly it had around a 93% market share less than two years ago.

Adding to the building Firefox momentum is the impending release of Firefox 2.0, which is expected as early as today. With all of the Vista testing I’ve been doing, I’ve actually moved from Firefox over to IE 7 on all of my PCs. I do miss some of the Firefox extensions, but I’m finding that the IE team has really done a nice job on the latest browser version. Additionally, there’s one extremely important feature in IE 7 that practically mandates my usage of it on the Samsung Q1. At the risk of being labeled a "tease": more to follow on that feature later. ;)



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