FireFox making waves with more marketshare, new beta release


Firefoxlogo_1Firefox continues to storm into the browser wars as it now accounts for 15% of the browser usage in the United States; world-wide the figure is slightly lower, near almost 13%. What’s the effect on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which is just starting to get hot with version 7? Here in the United States, IE has dropped just below an 80% market share; if I recall correctly it had around a 93% market share less than two years ago.

Adding to the building Firefox momentum is the impending release of Firefox 2.0, which is expected as early as today. With all of the Vista testing I’ve been doing, I’ve actually moved from Firefox over to IE 7 on all of my PCs. I do miss some of the Firefox extensions, but I’m finding that the IE team has really done a nice job on the latest browser version. Additionally, there’s one extremely important feature in IE 7 that practically mandates my usage of it on the Samsung Q1. At the risk of being labeled a "tease": more to follow on that feature later. ;)




I am using the new Firefox 2.0 Beta 1 and quite honestly MS has a lot of catching up to do, even to Firefox 1.5. The new beta is MUCH faster, has a lot more refinements to enhance user-friendliness, and has better compatibility. The only thing I don’t like about it is how the tab close buttons are now on the tabs themselves (one thing I wish they wouldn’t have borrowed from IE7)

Lorie Ghamy

Navigation with ease in Firefox…

With Firefox for a full screen (F11) you can put an icon with FireFoxMenuButtons extension. With the same, you have icons for immédiate Text bigger or smaller.

For a smooth scrolling in page with a hand tool (like in a PDF), you have Grab and Drag extension. You can accelerate page scrooling up and down with this hand across a whole web page …

For small photo, you can incrase or decrease it with Image Zoom Extension…

For open a link in a new tab or a web search engine for one or some words, we have Super Drag and Go Extension (with the help of Nightly Tester Tools)…

And i use so Geckotip for inking…

Wonderful tools for my Samsung Q1 !

So what could be better with IE7 ???

But what about others plugins like ScrapBook for information storage, VideoDownloader for grabing FLV files from Youtube or Dailymotions and others video sites, FireFTP (ftp inide fireFox), GSpace for open Gmail File Space (create folders) and practice drag & Drop from your PC folders (and reverse)….

Best regards from Paris (France).


does it have “fit to width” like Opera? thats a great feature for such low rez screens.

Kevin C. Tofel

Oh crap; I don’t think it’s anything as fancy as you guys might think. Now I feel bad for teasing you although I use the feature every day!


Yes please tell, is it the complete easy full screen feature where you can tap the top of the screen when in full screen then you can go back to normal screen to enter web address etc, im not sure wether the feature is in firefox but i love it!. Yes you are definately teasing!!


I’ve messed with IE7 at work (we have it here for development purposes) and I’m still not moving from my beloved Firefox!


I’m interested in hearing what you are hinting at though…


Dang you Kevin, now you have me wondering why I should want to use IE over FireFox on my Q1. I can’t wait to hear more about this, hopefully soon :)

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