Favorite IE 7 feature for UMPCs


Wow, I mentioned there’s an IE 7 feature that’s a must-have for my Samsung Q1 and you folks really started taking some guesses. Actually, all of the features you mention are pretty usable too, but the one I had in mind is fairly basic. Now I’ve over-hyped and will probably disappoint….my bad.

For me, one of the challenges to using a UMPC is the screen resolution of 800 x 480. Since it’s the native res of the hardware and allows the screen clarity to be at its maximum, I stick with it about 95% of my workday. Remember, that much of what I’m doing on the Q1 is blogging right here, so this feature I’m talking about really comes in handy for that purpose. While it will serve other purposes, it might not be a big deal to some folks. Additionally, I’d expect that there is a comparable Firefox extension. So what the heck is it (don’t get excited, this will probably be a big let down now)???

Zoom_1I’m actually using the Zoom control found at the bottom right of Internet Explorer 7 quite a bit. The default is set for 100%, but while blogging, I often have pop-ups on the blogging platform for a spell check or a picture insertion. Guess what: the buttons to accept the changes and close-out of those pop-ups often appear outside the viewable window region in an 800 x 480 screen as illustrated below. Enter the Zoom control to the rescue!


While I could use the hardware resolution switch button in these circumstances, that approach is more clicks, takes longer as the screen res changes and I have to change it back. A simple tap on the Zoom control to 75% and I’m in business to hit my suddenly visible "OK" button and continue working in the native resolution.


Yes, this particular function isn’t earth-shattering for most users and it may only come in handy for a blogger or UMPC owner (although I don’t think so), but it’s probably the first time that Microsoft’s browser ever saved me time over the basic functions. That’s not much, but it says something to me. Oh, and I know this was always in Firefox, but IE 7 Beta 3 now adds the ability to move tabs around via drag and drop; something I’ve missed since my switch to Firefox.

OK, you can let the comment flames begin since you’re likely saying "That’s IT?!?!? That’s what impressed him?!?!?" Of course, if just a few of you can bail me out by mentioning another need for the Zoom function, I might survive the night. ;)




Thanks for pointing that out, inever even realised that feature was there, v good

doc hawking

If you use IE6 or earlier, you can have zooming functionality with Portrait Dispalys Liquid View.
It’s not free unfortunately, it costs $20, but there’s a trial version I believe.

Iconico EasyRead v1.6 also will give you zooming functionality, but with much less features than Liquid View. But EasyRead is free, so the price can’t be beat. It adds two buttons on the IE toolbar for quick and easy zooming in and out. The one major downside is that the zoom setting isn’t saved when navigating through pages; one must constantly zoom in or out when browsing a site. But for reading a page or doing some data entry on one page, it works well.

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