Productive penguins rejoice: Lotus Notes for Linux!


Not only is Lotus Notes alive and kicking…well maybe it’s "alive and flapping"…but the IBM software application makes its way to Linux on July 24th. Although I haven’t used Lotus Notes in the enterprise in six years, I have fond memories of it. IBM has decided it’s not throwing in the towel on Lotus Notes, and just what the heck took ’em so long to get this package on Linux anyway? IBM has been aligning itself with the Linux world for a few years but you can’t sell corporate software unless you have corporate software that runs on your platforms!

The collaborative toolset on Linux has already been in use by over 5,000 IBM’rs so the generally available code coming soon should be fairly solid. Current Notes licensees on the Microsoft Windows platform will have the opportunity to download the Linux version when it becomes available; a good strategy by IBM to see if folks are will to adopt. Do we have any Notes users out there that want to give this a try? (Thanks to Dave Zatz for the tip!)


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