Laptop Mag rates notebook tech support

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Laptopmag_julyUnfortunately, you can’t view this particular article on-line at Laptop Magazine’s site; then again, there weren’t too many surprises so we’ll just give you the quick lowdown. Laptop put nine major laptop vendors through the tech support paces and ranked each based on length of hold time, web-based service and overall phone satisfaction. Apple won the Laptop Editor’s Choice with an overall grade of A; the longest time on hold for any call was 8 minutes. Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, Sony and Lenovo all fared relatively well with grades of A-‘s, B+’s and B’s. The big loser here was Toshiba; an over 45 minute hold time and overall grade of D- didn’t set the world on fire.

The sad part is that I expected to see Toshiba at or near the bottom of the pack; I’ve personally had a less than enjoyable support experience with my M205 Tablet PC and if you follow Eric Mack’s blog, you’ll know that his support nightmares were only underscored by the Better Business Bureau agreeing with him. I really stand by the Toshiba products, but if you can’t support them with qualified, well-trained custoemr service folks, the luster quickly fades from innovative products.


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Hey Kevin I happened to Pic one of these up yesterday Cant belive that they gave apple an A because I have had the worst tech support with them :-(

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