iPods on the sideline with CSTV Edge


Theedgescreengrab_200w_1Here I thought all of the Division I football players were listening to music. No, these guys are reviewing videos of the plays. On their iPods. Yes, you read that right; College Sports TV, aka: CSTV, has enabled Division I coaches and players to study plays right on a video iPod this year. Each play is a separate video and they’re all categorized, searchable or watchable in chronological order. Using special software, video-coordinators can take the plays and synch them to multiple iPods for studying. No word if you can add your own special soundtrack to the plays, but if I had to choose one song, it would likely be Pat Benetar’s "Hit me with your best shot".




There was story on ESPN recently about how baseball pitching coaches load up their pitchers iPods with videos of opposing hitters. The team’s video coordinators actually spend the better parts of off days downloading the iPods with the videos before they face the teams.
I wonder how many pitchers sneak the latest episode of “24”.

Tim Marman

I have to think I would have reviewed more film if I had this back when I played.

And Pat Benetar’s “Hit me with your best shot”? Ok, you need to stop…. :)

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