D-Link DPH-540, DPH-541 WiFi flip phone is here


Dph540We scoped D-Link’s VoIP WiFi phone on the FCC site not too long ago and apparently it’s ready for prime-time. I won’t be flipping out for this flip phone anytime soon as the cost is right up there with its competitors at $249. The two models, DPH-540 and DPH-541, differ only by color; one is black and one is silver (what, no iPod white?).

What I’m failing to understand is why a true single use device like this is costing several hundred dollars. At these prices, you can nab a WiFi-enabled Windows Mobile device or even a Smartphone with 3G connectivity for that matter and VoIP the day away. When you’re done talking, you can fetch e-mail, send IMs, read a book, watch TV, take silly pictures of yourself. What will you do when you’re finished talking on the DPH-540? You’ll flip it closed…and open….and closed….no thanks; the only way these standalone VoIP phones will start selling like hotcakes is when the price is under $100 IMO. Any thoughts?




I agree, I don’t think these phones are worth the price tag of $249. I think $100 is too steep as well. Single function units are a thing of the past. However, it is still nice to have WELL FUNCTIONING single-function devices. I mean, if you really need high quality sound, and featureful VoIP, scrambled “channels”, etc, then it would be worth it. But these devices really seem mediocre at best, and I’d only buy a few at $49 each. I mean, right now I have an army of 10 nice 5.8ghz (and small too) portables in my house, and the 2-line base station connected to my Asterisk VoIP using TMD-400’s. Additionally, I have some LinkSys PAP2’s that are great for another system we have. All those phones, and the PAP2s, combined were still cheaper than this single unit.



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