Delete Gmail spam with a single click


Gmail_spamThis feature was mentioned last week over at ZDNet and it seems that it finally found it’s way to my Gmail account. If you don’t have it yet, keep an eye out because I just reclaimed 16 MB from my Gmail storage with a single click. It’s not that amazing that I now have 16 MB of storage available to me again; I have plenty of free storage left. The phenomenal part is that there was actually 16 MB of spam to begin with! Bear in mind that Gmail automatically wipes out Spam that’s older than 30 days, so that’s 16 MB of crap in a month. Sheesh! I remember when my first 386 computer had a 20 MB hard drive, which means that 80% of that entire drive’s capacity would be filled with junk! What a productivity waste to have to clean out spam…anyway, enjoy the new feature when you get it!


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