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DLink Introduces New VoWiFi Phone

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WiFi phones are essentially changing the home-phone landscape, bringing cellular portability and cool into a realm that was once owned by the Bells and later folks like Con-Air and Coby (see: $9.99 special phones at your local drug store). Even though seem to be running a little bit behind schedule put forward by telephone industry leaders.

Not surprisingly, WiFi phones like D-Link’s latest, the $249 DPH-540, are essentially home phones with SIP connectivity to most major VOIP carriers (which means you’ll probably be able to use this thing with Vonage or your Cable company’s VOIP system). Surprisingly, this phone looks like a low-end, clamshell cellphone, which means the size and shape of these things will soon rival even the slimmest Motorola.

dlink dph 540Best of all, this phone is compatible with PsipTN, which is a public VOIP telephone system that just may take the big boys down a peg or two. Expect firmware upgrades from D-Link in the next year.

Earthlink has plans to offer WiFi phones. Municipalities are also getting into the act, although only Taipei has created a faux-public network call “Taipei Easy Call” to unwire their offices and schools while making – or not making – a buck selling service to private consumers

Mobile carriers should worry about the trend because, if not today, or tomorrow, eventually the alternative s will get enough traction. If they follow the same design-and-feature curve as the cellphone, it won’t be too difficult to imagine a future where these WiFi things had better end up lying side-by-side with the latest CDMA or GSM phones.
D-Link DPH-540 WiFi Phone

6 Responses to “DLink Introduces New VoWiFi Phone”

  1. joecanadian

    what is the mw ? my wifi card dlink g650 plus is like 30mw and I can barly connect around the house to my own network.. but my powerfull 200mw card (pcmcia) i can conect a few houses down and software voip works fine.

    What is the mw on this phone! I know a few things I am looking for in a VoWifi phone.. It definatly has to be hackable (linux) have enough memory to do numous SIP accounts (v2 backwardcompatile) be nice to support AIX! support outbound proxy. and oviously be able to scan for open Wifi and connect (grab a ip route gateway DHCP) with out me doing it manualy!

    Support for codec beyond the common 711u/a 729a… 7xx , I use gsm610 alot because it handdles crappy wifi connections better for voip then 7xx codecs that just crap out. after all gsm610 is common in regular cell codec.. Be nice to be able to use iLBC also.. I run all mu connections off asterisk and should have no problems connecting! be nice to know I can use

    stun support for weird firewalled networks

  2. I was reading this article and i glanced over at my PSP and this neat idea struck me.
    Just like how the PSP has a button to switch between memory card and Wi-Fi , it would be cool to have a phone that can switch between SIM card and VOIP.