4 GB Memory Stick PRO Duo from Sony


4gb_pro_duo_1Sony brings a whopper of a PRO Duo memory stick to market at 4 GB, but you’ll have to shell out around $215 to get it. Hmmm….who’s sticking it to who with this stick? Granted, I don’t have a PSP, nor do I have a camera that supports the PRO Duo form factor and frankly I’m glad I don’t. The more "mainstream" flash memory cards are much cheaper and seem to have the higher storage capacities faster than the outliers.

You can hit up Amazon right now for a 4 GB SD card and it will only cost you $125; want a matching 2-gigger? They’ll throw one of those in for a total of $183. Even a venerable Compact Flash card in the 4 GB capacity can be had for under $148. Do we have any die-hard memory fans out there that prefer one format over another or is all of this just more of the "let’s create a format that does the same thing so we can charge more money?"



Jon Neale

This is a typical Sony move…I like many love the Sony brand and will take a dolls house approach to purchases – so everything matches. Yes sounds shallow, but style is part of the whole Sony thing. So I would go for Sony over other brands even on a memory stick….the bit that grinds with me is that in reward for my loyatly I’m being essentially ripped off. If it was a black and white purchase on price then no one would buy the Sony stick and they know it. All that happens is that people look for a bargain on ebay….like I recently did with my new 1gb Sony M2 stick (small for the sake of it when you look at my phone, but have to use it with my phone!).


I prefer SD myself but the PSP, Sony U71 and Sony UX50 all take MS so these might be worth it to those who own more than one of the above devices.

Josh Bancroft

I’m about to pull the trigger on a 4GB SD card for $79 at NewEgg. They actually have several brands around that price point.

It’s amazing how cheap flash memory has gotten…

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