Does the 2 in R2H mean 2 hours of battery life?

Asus_r2h_2Now that the Asus R2H UMPC device has cleared the FCC, more details are beginning to emerge. One of the first tidbits that isn’t promising: DailyTech indicated earlier this week that Asus engineers are "hoping for at least two hours of battery life with its first UMPC effort". To be honest, Asus has entered the UMPC game slightly late, which I’d expect they use to their advantage. Hey, why not let the other players rush products out the door and then learn from their mistakes, right?

Although the Asus R2H offers a few more features than other currently available UMPCs, I’d gladly give up those extras to get closer to three hours of battery life on the first go around. It’s too early to tell where the actual run-time will fall, of course, but this could be an influential aspect for folks that have held out a little for the R2H. Of course, if Asus would like a fair and impartial comparison against say…a Samsung Q1…..I think I could lend them a hand if they could lend me a review unit! ;)



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